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Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras

Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras

Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras    Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras

Schneider Single Focus Demo - YouTube. SCHNEIDER XL PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUSING ANAMORPHIC 2X LENS. Our custom built single focusing anamorphic lenses help filmmakers create a unique look with their DSLR or cinema camera.

Adaptable to virtually any camera- DSLR, Cinema, Medium Format, etc. Built from premium Schneider German optics, this lens is extremely sharp at fast apertures, even f/1.4. Our custom removable single focusing mechanism focuses this lens down to 12 inches (0.3m) without diopters!

Interested in shooting single focus wide angle? Check out the SuperScope version of this lens. For an additional 1.5x scope factor for wide angle anamorphic shooting. If you already have an anamorphic lens and are just interested in the single focus mechanism, we have made that available in limited quantities!

To your dual focus anamorphic and transform it into a single focus. Our anamorphic lenses are built to work on almost any DSLR available today.

We have used anamorphic lenses on Super 35 cameras, Canon DSLRs, Panasonic GH5, GH5, Sony A7s, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Olympus OMD, and several others. Adapts to virtually any camera and lens setup using our INCLUDED custom low-profile 72mm or 77mm clamp. Schneider XL version provides incredible center sharpness, great light transmission, and uses 5 elements for best optical quality. Now including our premium single focus coated optics V3 for optimum transparency. These new optics achieve single focus without degrading sharpness or changing the flaring and are the most transparent single focus optics available. TACK SHARP at fast apertures- shoot f/1.4 night scenes with ease with beautiful painted anamorphic bokeh. Focus all the way down to around 12 inches (0.3m) without using any cumbersome diopters. NEW single focus- easily rack-focus with your subjects using only one lens. 180 degree focus throw with 360 degree gear for follow focus. 2x anamorphic stretch ratio provides cinematic, oval anamorphic canvas-like bokeh. Premium Schneider Isco German build quality. Single focus attachment can be detached for more mobile shooting and attaches via a 77mm filter thread. NON-ROTATING attachment also features a 77mm front filter thread for adding polarizer or ND filters. Schneider XL Single Focus Test - YouTube. Schneider XL Anamorphic test - YouTube. This lens works best at 50mm and up on m43 cameras with a 2X crop factor. On full frame cameras like 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 85mm or longer lenses are recommended.

For Black Magic cameras, use 35mm lenses and longer. You must use an anamorphic lens clamp to attach this anamorphic to your camera setup. Our custom clamp is included in this listing. The seamless fit prevents any light leaks and does not use screws that damage your lens.

To setup, you must first attach the setup to the front filter of your prime taking lens (Zeiss, Canon, Nikon, Rokinon, Sigma, etc) using the anamorphic clamp. Next, set infinity focus on the taking lens. You are now ready to focus with our anamorphic.

Simply rotate the single focus attachment to focus closer, or to infinity. When setting your focus scale to infinity, your minimum focus will be around 1 feet (0.3m). To change the focus scale for close focus, adjust the taking and anamorphic lens to set your "infinity focus" to around 3 feet. This will now allow you to use the attachment to focus to around 5-6 inches. But what cameras work the best for anamorphic? Virtually any camera will work, as mentioned above. But any camera a crop factor, or a 4:3 aspect ratio option is preferred for anamorphic work, as you can reach very desirable aspect ratios with 2x anamorphic, yet retain the cinematic 2x anamorphic bokeh. Anamorphic lenses were originally used to double the view of 35mm film. This resulted in the effect that we today associate with a cinematic look. What is the field of view of my resulting image? When shooting anamorphic, the additional image gathered by the anamorphic lens greatly increase you field of view. If you pair this anamorphic with a 85mm taking lens, your resulting image will have the resulting horizontal field of view of a 42.5mm non-anamorphic lens! This is why higher crop factors or alternate sensor modes greatly assist when shooting anamorphic- they effectively turn your camera into a full frame (horizontal) field of view. When editing, you can simply scale your vertical size by 200%, or change your pixel aspect ratio to 2.0. This will double your horizontal resolution, turning a 4k DSLR into an 8K cinemascope camera. How does this compare to other anamorphic lenses? The number of lenses that can focus with only one element (single focus) are highly rare and far more expensive. Other, dual-focus lenses also have soft corners, or do not work at apertures faster than f/4 or f/5.6. This lens has been built with a helicoid focus system that allows for a very compact setup- the sharpest, lightest single focus setup available.

This listing is for the SINGLE FOCUS ANAMORPHIC LENS SETUP ONLY. This includes a 2x Schneider anamorphic lens and our custom single-focusing attachment, with a slim fit anamorphic lens clamp. This listing does not include the camera, the prime taking lens, or any other accessories. Each anamorphic lens is in great condition. Some lenses may have very minor cosmetic imperfections that do not detract from the professionalism of the lens.

Optics are in pristine condition with no issues that affect performance. Only the anamorphic lens is included in this listing, and no other gear that may appear in the listing pictures such as camera, taking lens, etc are included. Please be sure to do your research on adapting anamorphic lenses for DSLR before purchasing. Our blog features many tips and tutorials for anamorphic shooting. The parts to produce these are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to source.

For the single-focus attachment only, see the listing here. Focus with only one lens! Perfect fit for all of our lenses.

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  1. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  2. Custom Bundle: No
  3. Compatible Brand: For Contax/Yashica
  4. Maximum Aperture: f/1.4
  5. Type: Anamorphic
  6. Modified Item: No
  7. Camera Type: Digital SLR
  8. Non-Domestic Product: No
  9. MPN: Does Not Apply
  10. Focus Type: Manual
  11. Brand: AnamorphicStore.

    Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras    Schneider XL Anamorphic Lens V3.5 PREMIUM SINGLE FOCUS setup, for DSLR Cameras